ContinualAI Research (CLAIR) is a collaborative laboratory endorsed by ContinualAI and with the goal to advance the state of the art in Continual Learning (CL) for AI. We investigate learning in humans and animals and develop neuroscience-inspired approaches for continually learning systems, embodied agents, and robots.


1. Mission
2. People
3. Publications
4. Datasets


Our mission is to advance continual learning research by trying to answer the following core research questions:

  • What are the key principles and mechanisms governing learning and memory in the brain?
  • How do we model artificial CL systems that better capture the flexibility, robustness, and scalability exhibited by the brain?
  • How do we leverage current CL systems to synergically work on embodied agents and robots that interact with the environment?
  • How can we use CL systems and robots to advance AI responsibly and ethically?

To answer these questions, we are building a growing set of computational principles and algorithms inspired by key findings in computer science, neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, and robotics. To foster the interdisciplinary nature of our research approach, we are collaborating with a number of extraordinary researchers and experts in the fields.

CLAIR is contributing to a better understanding of CL with neural networks and the application of engineered approaches to embodied agents. We are disseminating our findings publishing our works in international conferences and journals on the topics of AI, machine learning, and robotics.


Vincenzo Lomonaco
Co-Director and Chief Scientist
Neuroscience-inspired AI, Continual Learing, Robotics

German I. Parisi
Co-Director and Chief Scientist
Neuroscience-inspired AI, Continual Learing, Robotics

Keiland Cooper
Research Scientist
Neuroscience, Neuroscience-inspired AI, Continual Learing

Qi She
Research Scientist
Continual Learing, Robotics

Jeremy Forest
Research Scientist
Neuroscience, Neuroscience-inspired AI, Continual Learing


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Here we list the datasets released by the lab and its members:

  • CORe50: A new Dataset and Benchmark for Continual Learning and Object Recognition, Detection, Segmentation.
  • OpenLORIS: A Dataset and Benchmark towards Lifelong Object Recognition.