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People & Governance

The people behind the organization
ContinualAI is non-profit research organization and an open community of Continual/Lifelong Learning researchers and enthusiasts started in January 2018 by Vincenzo Lomonaco and made possible with the early contribution of Keiland Cooper.
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Board Members

  • Vincenzo Lomonaco, Co-founder & President; Post-Doc @ University of Pisa
  • Keiland Cooper, Co-founder & Board member; Neuroscientist @ University of California, Irvine
  • Andrea Cossu, Board member & Treasurer; Researcher @ University of Pisa
  • Tyler Hayes, Board member; Researcher @ Rochester Institute of Technology
  • James Smith, Board member; Researcher @ Georgia Tech University
  • Martin Mundt, Board member; Group Leader @ TU Darmstadt & hessian.AI
Former Board Members


Inclusion & Diversity Committee

  • Ghada Sokar, PhD Student @ Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Ayşin Sancı, Software Developer @ ALTINAY R&D
  • Alec Diallo, PhD Student @ University of Edimburgh
  • Akshita Gupta, Research Engineer @ Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence
  • Xu Ji, PhD Student @ Oxford University


ContinualAI is a worldwide effort with 2000+ members spanning 7 continents in 19 different timezones from top-notch research institutions and companies. Here are our first 300 members and some of their affiliations:


In this section you can find the official public documents of the organization: