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ContinualAI maintains the “Continual Learning and AI News” mailing list. This is a mailing-list open to anyone interested in continual learning not just the ContinualAI members. Subscribe and follow the instructions to send emails to all the subscribers!

News & Events


The ContinualAI Newsletter will keep you updated on events & activities of the community, but also about important news in the field of Continual Learning. Sign up here!

The entire list of the previous monthly newsletters can be found at this link.


The ContinualAI Meetups are online, fun and informal meetups about a particular continual learning topic. At the moment we try to alternate two possible types of meetups: “Research” and “Collaborative Projects”.

Research Meetups

Research Meetups are 90 minute discussions about a particular Continual Learning topic. Each month a new topic is chosen and 4 experienced speakers are invited to trigger the discussion with a 15 minute talk each plus a Q&A session:

Collaborative Projects Meetups

Collaborative Projects Meetups are 60 minutes discussions about a particular ContinualAI project. The goal of this meetup is to present the advancements on each collaborative, open-source project and decide colletively its future development:

Continual Learning Seminars

Continual Learning Seminars are roughly 60 minute discussion about a particular Continual Learning paper. In this sessions, the paper authors are invited to explain their work, so please let us know if you are interested in presenting. Join our reading group on slack, and check out our YouTube page for past events! It’s a great occasion to talk with other researchers in this amazing field!

Virtual Coffe Program

As we surpassed the ContinualAI 1000+ members, we thought it would be nice to know each other a bit better! So we are excited to launch the ContinualAI Virtual-Coffee Program!

How does it work? You enter the #virtual-coffee channel on slack, every two weeks a bot will randomly pair you with another continual learner with whom you can make a 1-1 online meeting to grab a virtual coffee together. We hope this will help you create valuable connections to strengthen this amazing field and work better together!

Medium Publication

The ContinualAI Medium Publication contains blog posts on the topic of Continual Learning. The publication is open to both ContinualAI members and outsiders. If you want to share your personal thoughts on Continual Learning, please consider this venue and send us an email at media@continualai.org!

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