Despite the rise of the open-source adoption in the AI community, research labs work pretty much in isolation. Staying informed is also becoming more and more difficult given the speed of research in this area. Connecting researchers working on continual learning for AI is one of the reason ContinualAI exists today and one of the main goal of the organization in order to stimulate the exchange of information, ideas and resources.

ContinualAI efforts for connecting continual learning researchers and practitioners are currently the following:

  • VirtualLab: A collection of tools and resources that let researchers communicate and collaborate better remotely on a daily basis. Up to date, the ContinualAI Virtual Lab is based on Gitter and Slack, G Suit for Non Profit, a GitHub organization account, all the major social platforms, a Slack and a Twitter bot and much more.
  • Mailing List: for more important communication on the general discussions on Continual Learning for AI, especially for non-members.
  • Monthly Newsletter: for important news, events and resources worth mentioning, directly curated by ContinualAI members (still to be launched).