Researchers should not only produce awesome research results but should be also concerned in making them accessible to anyone. This is way many projects are underway at ContinualAI to disseminate research in Continual Learning and related areas.

In particular, current ContinualAI efforts in this direction include:

  • ContinualAI Wiki: The aim of ContinualAI Wiki is to create an open-source, collaborative wiki to provide a starting point for researchers, developers and AI enthusiasts who share an interest in Continual Learning and are willing to learn more or contribute to this field.

  • ContinualAI Medium Publication: At Continual AI we value scientific dissemination. We think that to advance science it is important to promote cutting-edge research and make it accessible to a larger audience of people. This is why we maintain a Medium Publication where we try to distill and simplify the continual learning ideas with as little technical details as possible. See the projects page for more details.

  • ContinualAI Colab: a number of notebooks and scripts (for demo, showcasing & tutorials) which can be directly imported in Google Co-laboratory and are related to Continual Learning.