ContinualAI is an official non-profit research organization. Donors and Sponsors are the financial backbone of our activities. As for the ContinualAI striving effort to be open, collaborative and inclusive, all the documents of the organization (including a detailed yearly financial statement) are openly accessible on our website.

Please consider donating to ContinualAI to support our mission to create and consolidate an open community of researchers and enthusiast working together on the topic of Continual Leaning for AI! Every backer or sponsor will be listed in this page (contact for further information).


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Support ContinualAI!

Financial Supporters

We are deeply tankful to all the people and organization who supported the ContinualAI community. In this section we list all the Financial Supporters of ContinualAI:

Vincenzo Lomonaco, Stefano Campese, Viviana, German, William

Technical Supporters and Friends

We are very tankful to all the people and organization who contributed to the ContinualAI community and cause. In this section we list all the Technical Supporters and Friends of ContinualAI:

Donor wall